Did you know why ancient people chose 12 for the number of months in a year, and 360 for the number of degrees in a full revolution? It all has to do the moon, with the sun and with factors!

In this activity, we will also learn about how how the 30x and 45x tables help us with clock angles and compass angles and all about acute, right, obtuse, straight and reflex angles.

In this activity we will have a great investigation into the angles inside a triangle, square and hexagon.

Then we will see if we can find triangles inside all these different shapes.

Finally, we will learn about the interior angles of different polygons.

Notes for Parents and Teachers

Some people find angles confusing because they don’t understand what angles actually are.

Angles are actually all about turning, which is why the first activity here is called ‘Turning and Angles! Begin with this and make sure you really understand how this works, before you move on to anything else.