A fraction is a part of something.

You can show fractions using shapes by colouring or shading parts. 

Circles and rectangles are good shapes to use.

In this activity you have to split shapes into the right number of parts to show each fraction.

In this activity we will have a great investigation into the angles inside a triangle, square and hexagon.

Then we will see if we can find triangles inside all these different shapes.

Finally, we will learn about the interior angles of different polygons.

In this activity we learn how to play with coordinates to make triangles reflect horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Then we make them rotate!

After that we do the same thing with quadrilaterals.

Great fun!

Notes for Parents and Teachers

Shapes are all around us, and they are such an exciting topic to learn about too. I am sure you will enjoy discovering more about them working through the activities here together.