Understand that a fraction is a part of something.

Show fractions using circles and rectangles by colouring or shading parts. 

Understand the links between: halves and quarters; thirds, sixths and twelfths; fifths and tenths.

Understand multiples.

Find unit fractions of numbers.

Find other numbers of quarters and thirds.

Find other fractions of different numbers.

Equivalent means the same amount.

So two fractions that are equivalent to each other are actually the same amount.  They may just look different.

The best way to understand equivalent fractions is to draw diagrams.  

These activities use pie diagrams and rectangle diagrams.

Converting a fraction means changing it to an equivalent fraction with a particular denominator that you have chosen.

First we will investigate three easy fractions and see which denominators we can convert them to.

Next we will learn about lowest common multiples and then choose trickier fractions and find different denominators to convert them to.

Notes for Parents and Teachers

Fractions is a topic many people find difficult.

The best way to understand fractions is to go right back to the beginning and re-learn everything step by step.

The slideshows above will be most helpful if you work through them in order. As you complete the activities, make sure you Take Time To Think and Talk about WHY things work they way they do.

On my other website, Maths Investigations, you will also find a guide called Success with Fractions which has many practical ideas and links to tablet activities.